Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why being a blogger is better than being a highly paid national columnist

Because being a columnist is a job. And that job requires that you publish a piece on a regular basis. So on occasion, even columnists who do their job quite well find themselves staring at a deadline with nothing to write about. A blogger can say: "Eff it. I'm going for a road ride." A columnist must put electrons to computer screen. You want an example. Consider the plight of poor Lawrence Martin today.

So what is it that makes a man boring? Might it be that his favourite sport is badminton? ...
The question arises because our allegedly dull Prime Minister is about to host the G20. It’s Stephen Harper’s biggest image test yet, and some seem to think that with him in the chair, the ennui will be unbearable for the other 19.
To refute this postulate, Mr Martin reaches for some painful to watch stage managed evidence that Mr Angry is actually Stimulating Stevie.
Can we imagine Coolidge hanging out with some of the big bands of his era, jamming in the back rooms of the White House with, say, Hoagy Carmichael? Mr. Harper has recently had Bryan Adams and Nickelback over to 24 Sussex – and it wasn’t for talks on a new equalization formula. Rather, for live sessions (with Adams at least) with the Prime Minister at the keyboard. He’s got a music room set up for visiting virtuosos. Son Ben joins in with some wicked guitar playing.
Does anyone who thinks about it believe this is anything more than an embarrassing photo-op? The very fact that stunts such as this are required to prove Harper's humanness exists points to his lack of personality.

Forget the evidence provided by unscripted Steve.
This is the same father who was once pilloried in the media for a scene outside of his son’s school. He shook Ben’s hand while dropping him off, which was said to typify the Harperian rigidity.
But don't worry Mr. Martin. Given the anti-democratic and scandalous tendencies of the Conservatives there will be real issues to report on tomorrow.

What is that? You say there are real issues to bring up rather than this fluff. Oh. Never mind.
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