Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not exactly ground breaking research yor Emience

In the latest news, Tom Flanagan, also known around here as Harper's Eminence Grease, is presenting a paper at a conference in Montreal and the Star got some crib notes. Let us see what cutting edge insights the former insider and current sewer outlet from the PMO to the Globe and Mail has to impart.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a controlling leader running a “garrison party” in permanent campaign mode, says his former campaign director Tom Flanagan. ...

Flanagan writes that Harper’s shaping of the party structures and determination not to allow “intermediate” groupings such as youth wings, or separate political entities for regional, ethnic, aboriginal or other different groups under the party’s umbrella means that “there are no points of refuge in which opposition to the leadership could coalesce.” ...
This is hardly news. If being at the forefront of Political Science is the mark of an effective Professor, Flanagan is either a has been or never was.
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