Thursday, March 29, 2012

An example of the need to stop Robocalls in their tracks

I was watching the CTV news last night (Give me a break.  It is the only channel I can get here) and at the end of a segment on the Alberta election campaign there was a mention of people complaining about receiving rude  calls at 5:30 A.M. from the PC party.  Which the PCs denied making.  I looked on the website but could not find the actual segment.  If anyone else has seen this please let me know so I can update with a link.

It is obvious that the provincial wing of the Harper Party (aka Wild Rose) isn't scared of using the same tactics as are under investigation federally.  These tactics must be excised from our politics.  And the people authorizing them sent away for a long time.Recommend this Post


Holly Stick said...

It's mentioned here. Strange wording, the "PC Party admits" they didn't do it.

Beijing York said...

Matt Meier (Rack Nine) is embroiled in the federal Guelph scandal. He claimed non-partisan service provider status but his invoice never appeared on candidate Marty Burke's campaign ledger. Supposedly billed through campaign insider Andrew Prescott's company?

Anyway, Meier and his company have been doing lots of work for Wildrose candidates including providing GOTV services. Barb deGroot and Bill Jarvis are two such candidates.