Thursday, March 15, 2012

Take a moment to feel sorry for Michael Sona

Yes, I remember Michael Sona and his actions from last May.  At the time I was thinking about how strong a kool-aid dependency he must have.  In my opinion, to have run in to disrupt a legitimate polling station requires a hyper-fanatical devotion to a cause.  That sort of outburst didn't appear to be particularly rational.  This cult-like sort of commitment seems to be a trait of several Conservative supporters.  They will follow the brand right or wrong.  And they have developed a faith in their Dear Leader that the majority of the country just can't fathom.

So put yourself in Michael Sona's shoes.  You had a something in your life.  You believed in it.  You dedicated yourself to the advancement of the cause.  It gave meaning to your life.

And then at the first sign of trouble, the leaders of the cult scraped you off the bottom of their shoes.  So, like a strong majority of Canadians, I believe we must find who did perpetrated this crime.  We must send them to jail for a long time.  We must fix the system.

But there likely is a price being paid by all these Conservatives junior staffers that have bus tread marks on their backs from the last 6 years of Harper rule.  People betrayed by their cult suffer consequences.  I hope this isn't the case for Mr. Sona and those others that proceeded him under the bus.  But if it is, I hope he has a strong support mechanism in place.Recommend this Post


Anonymous said...

"those others that proceeded him under the bus"

If you look into those thrown under the bus, you'll discover that it was often only a CGI bus, done in video post-processing to trick Canadians and the media.

The scapegoats spent a month or so under the fake bus before either getting a cushy position at a Conservative-loyalist NGO or simply re-hired back to their old government job once attention died down. That would be harder to do for a minister who had properly resigned.

Sona is probably well-aware that the 2006 election fraudsters were not thrown under the bus, but protected and rewarded. Some of them even got Senate seats. A trip under this bus might be more... permanent.

CuJoYYC said...

"… those others that proceeded him under the bus …"

Or "… those others that preceded him under the bus …"