Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looking back at the effects of voter suppression in 2008

I read with interest Professor Anke S. Kessler's draft paper on the effect of Robocalls on the 2011 election.It reminded me that I had run a series of posts from 2008-2010 on voter suppression and it's effects on elections.  These posts can be found here.  I still find this one particularly instructive with regards the power of vote suppression aimed at a particular party.

It would appear that Harper realized that shameless character assassination against a far better man wouldn't be enough.  So off to direct voter suppression he would go in 2011.

But all is not lost.  If we can motivate people to look past the despicable Rovian tactics of Harper we might be able to experience a higher vote turnout.  Sort of like I described here.  As a matter of fact, I like the implications of this graph so much I am going to repost it.
So the answer is: Get people out to vote.  As with all problems, once the solution is apparent, the path to achieve it becomes clearer.Recommend this Post

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