Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Hopeful Message in Which Canada Reclaims its Place of Leadership in the World

I am by nature, an optimist so I expect the Liberals to form the next government and Harper to be cast into the pit of irrelevance except for the numerous times he is called to account for his as of yet uncovered crimes.

And Trudeau's victory will mean more than the first step of Canada returning to her rightful place in the affairs of the world.  It would also mean that the cynical application of racism, suppressed voter turnout and other despicable deeds as tools to win elections were unsuccessful. If the rest of the world sees that Canada found a way to fight back Lynton Crosby and the use of unlimited funds, hatred and the politics of despair for the hope of a better way, Canadians will have, once again, shown the world the possibility of a brighter future.

This is what I hope transpires.  And this is what will happen if we vote.  If we vote in numbers large enough to overwhelm the Conservatives picayune voter suppression tactics and racism.

If we vote.

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