Saturday, October 3, 2015

Get yer Stephen Harper Wind-up Doll Here!

Even his supporters acknowledge that this fellow is a bit robotic but it is getting painful to watch Harper dependably spout the lines fed to him by the Lizard of Oz:  "Old Stock Canadians" (Still not certain what that means), Niqab!, Dual Citizenship!  It will go on and on for the next 16 days.  But this one has him looking like a parody of HAL 9000.

Harper is supposed to be the apogee of the Canadian Tea Party.  And the best he can do is run around like the Robot from Space Family Robinson spouting "Danger!" about whatever Lynton Crosby tells him to?  I have never had a high opinion of Harper but I am beginning to be a bit embarrassed for him.

The answer is to vote.  Please ensure you vote for ABC.  A high turnout will ensure Harper's defeat.Recommend this Post

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