Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Harper will "win" the election

Stories like this and an article on the Calgary Eyeopener this morning about a transgender woman with a confusing voter id card (the link isn't available yet but the card was made out in her previous name and sent to an address that she didn't move to until after her name change) lead me to think that the Harperians have somehow gamed Elections Canada.  The Muslim fracas isn't moving enough bigots to win the election out right.  But if they can work it so that enough non-bigots can't vote, it may just swing them enough seats for a minority.

Expect long lines in swing ridings.  ID problems for probable non-bigots.  A clusterf--k that an Ohio Republican would be proud of.  In 2006, it was in and out.  2008 saw the Dion-Duffy disgrace.  2011 was Robocalls.  We have to be careful not to looking for Robocalls when their gambit might well be something different.

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