Wednesday, May 15, 2019

!On reticent Harper cabinet members!

! This post appears on Progressive Bloggers under protest!

Even John Ibbitson admits the government,s hands are clean in the Norman case.

All it took was for one of Harper, Kennedy, O' Toole or MacKay to make a phone call and this would all have been over before it started.

Instead these “honourable“ men didn't make the call.  This allowed bottom feeders like The Undermined to sow innuendo about the behaviour of the PMO.  And the fine upstanding lawyer who got Gomeshi off implied there was witness coaching and other illegalities.  She knew of the exculpatory information in late 2018.  Why didn't this get revealed before mid 2019?

Surely preventing the suffering of an innocent man was at the forefront of their concerns.

Surely they didn't push the mute button in an attempt to gin up a pre-election embarrassment for the Liberals?

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