Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An explosive way to break a log jam

Perhaps there is some interesting strategy behind the predicament Ignatieff has placed NDP voters in. As I laid out in my previous post the NDP supporters face an existential question.

It is conventional wisdom that until something is done to budge the core vote that each party possess, we are doomed to minority governments. If the Liberals have decided that they have moved as much of the Conservative support as they can, perhaps this is a way to carve the slice needed to form a government off the thin NDP flank.

It maybe that the Liberals are hoping that the NDP supports the Conservatives and thereby show Layton to be as much of a Toom Tabard as Harper is. The explosive effect this could have on NDP support could be just what we need to break the log jam.
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penlan said...

Good point!

northwestern_lad said...
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northwestern_lad said...

Wow... So the Liberals prop up the Conservatives for four years and somehow that will all be forgotten just like that??? Yeah right.

Plus, there's a major difference between the Liberals and the NDP; in exchange for their support, the NDP actually expect something in return (see NDP/Paul Martin budget), while the Liberals just give theirs away for nothing ;)

The odds of Harper actually giving anything like that are longer than winning the lottery.

Ricky Barnes said...

Good points NW

Lots can happen, like the Liberals not holding a non confidence motion!

As to the Liberals slicing a bit of the NDP vote, think again, its the Liberal vote that has been crumbling off toward the NDP