Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tax and Spend Conservatives

In this mornings post on this week's lame Conservative fundraising letter I gave Irving Gerstein a pass on the use of the hackneyed "tax and spend" slur in order to focus on the give away line about their burn rate. The Republican provenance was so obvious as to be unworthy of the typing to point it out.

But a post on Robert Silver's blog cries out for a withdrawal of my previous clemency.
"Embedded in the forecast for EI premiums in the government’s Update is an assumed increase in the EI premium rate in 2012."'

Ding, ding, ding. "Increase in the EI premium rate"...that sounds an awful lot like a payroll tax increase to me. What does Orr have to say about that?

"Mr. Flaherty pledged to return to balanced budgets without a tax increase. Isn’t an increase in EI premiums a tax increase?"

To repeat, isn't an increase in EI premiums a tax increase?

The answer? Yes, yes it is.

We have had born painful witness to the wanton pattern of increased spending by Haaper and the Calgary Cretins. Now we can see how they are slipping an increased tax load onto the backs of Canadians.

Tax and Spend Liberals indeed.
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Big Winnie said...

The Cons don't believe in upfront tax increases...they are like rodents who do it on the sly!

Constant Vigilance said...

I hate to be an English Nazi type but I really think that you shouldn't have used the word "like" in your comment.