Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OK Canada, time to face reality

You were allowed to enjoy your summer even though, for a lot of you, that entailed ignoring the rampant incompetence of the Evil Blue Meanies. Such as the meltdown in the nuclear isotope industry. You indicated your displeasure with the thought of performing your civic duty by punishing the Liberals in opinion polls taken after the likelihood of an election was increased.

But September is almost over. It is time to move on and face reality. Are there really 35% plus of Canadians who think these guys deserve their vote. After a day when they get caught breaking the rules and like a five year old deny it?

Despite adamant government claims to the contrary, dozens of photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper have vanished from the taxpayer-funded website that promotes the Conservative economic plan.

The photos disappeared after The Canadian Press questioned the government about complaints of partisanship in federal advertising, including a website plastered with Harper photos.

"We have not removed any pictures of the PM," a Privy Council Office spokeswoman insisted late Monday.

A spokesman for the prime minister made the same assertion.

After being presented with a cached image of the www.actionplan.gc.ca site from last week which featured over 40 photos of Harper, the government did not respond to further inquiries on the matter Tuesday.

I believe a time out is called for.

Maritime lobster fishermen in need of financial help got a lift of another kind Tuesday when they were directed to a toll-free number that was supposed to detail an aid package but connected them to a lusty sex line instead.

One of the several toll-free information numbers released by Fisheries Minister Gail Shea hooks callers up to a sex line that offers fishermen nary a detail on the lobster stimulus package.

“Hey there hot stuff, I’ve been waiting for your call,” a breathless female voice proffers.

“Are you ready for some tantalizing fun?”

Sorry Madam, but there is nothing tantalizing or fun about these twits.

But everyone has bad days. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow Harper will make up for missing the climate change talks going on in NYC while he was there to talk to Mayor Bloomberg. Although he will make it for dinner.

Actually no. The tragic history of today gets repeated as a farce.

The Prime Minister’s itinerary for tomorrow. No really.

Oakville, Ontario

11:30 a.m. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will participate in a photo opportunity.

Tim Hortons Innovation Centre
226 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 2Y1

*Photo opportunity (cameras and photographers only)

The Globe and Sun suggest the Prime Minister will be skipping Barack Obama’s address to the general assembly to make the trip to Oakville.

Now I realize that at least 20% of the Conservative vote can be explained by SoCons and other troglodytes who will believe almost anything. But as for the other 15+%. Come on people.

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Furniture Rental Toronto said...

Seriously, the 15% of people, COME ON! This is ridiculous, you see all these stories and proofs how Mr. Harper is corrupted beyond repair and how he has nothing to do with being a good and responsible leader. It's just sad those 15% don't see it... Lets hope people will change their mind when the next election comes...

Take care, Ella