Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It will take maneuvering so convoluted ...

that it will make Jack Layton seem consistent but it is now an accepted tenet of the conventional wisdom that it is actually Stephen Harper that wants an election. That he will do it is likely. What will be most interesting is the way Harper brings it about.

And he has a good reason to do so. That polling lead that seems so insurmountable? Seems not as awesome as the lead mentioned in this article from just before the 2008 election. And Harper needed an assist from the future Senator Duffy to salvage a minority.

I remember reading a blog post back in 2007 noticing the pattern of the Conservatives polling higher when the House is out of session when they can manipulate the message and then see the trend plummet when they are back in the House and Canadians see what a bunch of jack-asses Conservatives are. An optimist might think that the Conservatives are due to bring some focus upon themselves.
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