Thursday, September 17, 2009

So, the NDP rejected the budget without reading it and...

Now they have supported the Conservatives without reading the fine print.
One day after claiming victory for extracting employment insurance reforms from the Conservatives, New Democrats now say they've read the fine print and the government's latest bill is not the prize they had hoped.
This post isn't intended to slam the NDP but rather to lament the ineptitude of all of the parties to the "left" of the Conservatives. Just as the NDP was wrong to crow about the 79 non-confidence votes by the Liberals, so would Liberals be wrong to harp on this point.

While progressives fight amongst themselves Lawrence Martin points out how Harper benefits. Yes I know it doesn't mention the NDP, Bloc or Greens directly but it follows that Harper benefits the more the Opposition (representing the majority of Canadians) squabbles.
He lords over all. It's a jaw-dropping performance. It's as if he's bulletproof when, in fact, he's highly vulnerable.

Vulnerable? There's a wonderful litmus-test question once posed by Ronald Reagan. In campaigning against Jimmy Carter, the Gipperfamously asked whether the country was better off than it had been four years earlier. If the Harper foes put forward that query, they might find more appetite for going to the polls.

This is the worst government I have ever seen anywhere in this country. And I have lived under the administrations of Getty, Klein and Stelmach. There is so much to make Harper own up to but he is getting a free ride as long as he can sow the seeds of dissension and distraction amongst the people representing the majority of Canadians. If we all act together he could be gone tomorrow. Then we can have the fight for the crest of the progressive mountaintop.

Attack Harper not each other.
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Anonymous said...

Thomas Mulcair said on Wednesday--when the EI bill was introduced--that NDP support for the measure was contingent on reading the fine print.

The press can claim otherwise, but thta's what the NDP said all along.

ADHR said...

Exactly what I was going to say.

It's worth noting too that Ignatieff was willing to fast-track this bill into committee. The same bill that is now supposedly a bad deal. No one's really covering themselves with glory.