Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drilling for oil is a dangerous business

I was thinking about my post yesterday about Harper's claim that a blow-out akin to the Thunder Horse one couldn't happen in Canada. I realized this is a subject that required a more in-depth review. At least partly because Harper is not a deep thinker in any sense of the term.

His flippant statement that it couldn't happen in Canada is pure politics. Bad enough in any case. But for an MP from Calgary it is especially galling. The oilfield is a dangerous place. You are working with heavy machinery in adverse weather conditions whether on land or at sea. The people involved are professionals who take care to guard against risks as much as possible.

But things can go very wrong. And when they do, people get hurt. Trying to shut off debate on how Canada can do it's best to avoid such a catastrophe here is just another example of Harper's disregard for others when it suits his political purposes.Recommend this Post

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