Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'll see Harper two cents on his use of our two billion dollars

I suppose the single word that describes my reaction to the news of security costs in excess of a billion dollars so that Harper can make a fool of himself on the international stage again is inured. "To habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection; accustom" That sounds about right.

After four years of Conservative government, it is no longer a surprise that these idiots couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery. With all of the levers of a modern First World government at their disposal the list of cock-ups Harper's Hosers have created is impressive. Listeriosis, Chalk River, H1N1, Deficits and others too depressing to enumerate. All that does is make me shake my head at Harper's chutzpah in continuing his quest to become King. Hitler may have been possessed with similar authoritarian urges but at least he was competent.

In a similar fashion I am not surprised by this announcement:

Canada ready to spend $1B on maternal health: sources

Now don't get me wrong. Maternal health is an important issue and pledging $1,000,000,000 towards the cause is impressive regardless of the strings attached. But what drove this announcement?

If it was proposed after careful consideration of the problem, the best mode of addressing it and a proper costing of this approach then this is an announcement of a competent government regardless of the political orientation.

If hints were dropped on a Sunday by government sources regarding a hot potato topic with the dollar figure conveniently equal to the cost of their most recent debacle, the policy has less to do with maternal health and more to do with a set up so government members can play a version of "Who's on first?" regarding G8/G20 security expenses.

An awfully cynical way to spend a billion dollars of taxpayer's money. But being inured allows me to ponder other questions.

What of their steadfast supporters? What does it say about them. Has he tread the ground worshiped by fiscal conservatives. Anyone? Anyone?

Do any western Canadians recognize the "grass roots democracy" pledges of Harper's Reform roots? Surely enough sentient social conservatives exist to recognize the cynical and convenient vote pandering that is underway in the recent maternal health maneuvers.

Regardless of impressions left by the Ignatieff attack ads, what does it say about soft Conservative supporters? Are they really so preoccupied with American Idol that they are willing to the accept this sort of government?

If Harper's government can survive these questions, then we get the government we deserve. Perhaps some day we will become self aware enough as a nation to be ashamed of ourselves.
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