Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stephen Harper likes Nickelback so much...

he is planning to write a book on the history of the worst band ever to hail from Canada. Working title: The Hanna Hicks.

It is fairly self-evident that Harper's pathetic attempts to be likable by pretending to like hockey and singing at the NAC haven't paid off. Now he attempts to pander to the Timmies demographic by claiming to be a fan of one of the worst bands ever to hail from Canada.

It is easy to see why Harper would try this gambit. I suppose he might actually like them. Figuring out why Nickelback would associate themselves with the squarest dude in the country takes a bit more thinking. But once we remember that Nickelback is an excellent example of corporate rock and that the original definition of fascism referred to the bundling of corporate, miltary and political interests it starts to make more sense. The choice of the photo for the backdrop is probably the funniest part of this travesty. Maybe Nickleback likes kittens too.

Of course they might really be big Harper fans. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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