Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recognizing the pattern in the tartan of Conservative malfeasance

Sometimes the loom of time moves along and we get mesmerized by the shuttle of the daily news and we need to connect the dots to find the pattern. The Jaffer story continues to leak bile. But this has been overshadowed by the Nancy Ruth potty mouth episode. Harper might have been ok with this but for the negative press.

So in a response, the Harper PMO sends Aunt Tom out to try and deflect the bad press by having her claim that what women really want is what the Conservatives are offering:
Under siege for its anti-abortion stand in foreign policy and silencing of feminist voices at home, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is arguing that what women really want is less crime in Canada.

“Our government has done more than any other government in the history of this country to keep women safe,” says Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose, who is also in charge of the status of women in the Harper government.

“We have introduced new laws to make sure that we keep rapists and murderers off the street and to make sure that we protect children from sexual predators. That is what women want.”

It is a defence that opposition critics are calling strange, especially because Conservatives are also boasting about their plans to wind down the gun registry — not a popular measure among Canadian women, according to most polls.

It isn't to much a stretch to conclude this stand was worked up in the PMO and passed downwards to Ambrose.

At some point we are all asked by a marginally sane supervisor to go out in public and make a statement that has at best a tenuous connection to reality. There are a million shades of grey in a lot of these cases but they always have to pass the "Blush Test". Essentially; can you say it with a straight face. If you can't, you have to step aside and let someone else pick up the standard. Ms. Ambrose must have hay fever this week.

So here we have another example of Mr. Harper's famous command and control tendencies. He has his tentacles throughout his government. Nothing happens that he doesn't control. Senator Ruth exposes some of the hidden agenda. The response is to make a risible claim that women are, as a group, clamouring for what the unworkable crime measures. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

So the pattern is established. But the fact that an eighth department was contacted by Jaffer is in the news today as well. So once again, how is it that an ex-MP has contacted 8 government departments regarding millions of dollars worth of government business and control freak Harper knows nothing?

As these, and future, scandals continue to mount they will get closer to the PMO and change the image of Mr. Angry to that of Mr. Venal. The good news for the Conservatives is that Mulroney will no longer be known as the most corrupt Prime Minister in history.

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