Friday, August 6, 2010

The answer is yes

The question was: "Is it possible for Harper to look any dorkier at the Stampede or even in day to day life?"
(S/T to Impolitical who used the occurrence of the PM's new two eyes to make a more mature and intelligent point)

That post by The All Knowing And All Seeing Political One caused me to grit my teeth and look at the PMO Photo of the Day Page. Always an interesting look at the image the PM wants to project. Remember these photos were selected to enhance his image. So without further ado.

Harper strokes his inner Breshnev
How about the underlying messages in this photo:Could the Queen look any more like she has had enough of her job if it entails talking to this dick one more time? Even Prince Philip can't be bothered to look at him. And this is the image the PMO put up? Not great coat-tails with which to roll into a fall election But maybe it was the best this photo-op provided:
Queen Elizabeth then pulled a face when listening to a speech by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, during a visit to Government House, Winnipeg, she had reserved for use when catching Sarah Ferguson begging the corgis for scraps…
Could it be that the Queen just doesn't like Canda or it's PMs? I present evidence to the contrary.
No. She, like the most of the world that has had the misfortune of experiencing Harper, doesn't like him.Recommend this Post

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