Friday, August 6, 2010

Why miniority governments on the brink of collapse work for Harper

I followed my own advice and re-read The Shock Doctrine over my vacation.  It got me to thinking that perhaps Mr. Angry is quite happy to govern during a period of constant minority governments.  Especially when they are in danger of collapsing and throwing the country into another unwanted election.  This distraction allows him to impose changes to the federation that would never be possible during more normal circumstances. Even with a majority the popular opposition to the radical changes would likely prevent some of the changes the he is making by baby steps.

Paul Wells has a parallel take.  Only as a political columnist, he takes an, in my view, an inaccurate primarily political tack.  He does seem to have seen a hint of the light through the partially open door.
The assumption behind so much of our political chatter is that Harper's grip on power hangs by a thread. He likes that assumption. It allows him to keep changing the country while everyone waits for him to fall.
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