Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harper's Arctic ODDyssey (aka Harper's jet ski moment)

This entire excursion has been recognized for what it is. A very expensive photo-op deserving of the ridicule it has been receiving.

But this little stunt encapsulates the little man.

According to one reporter awestruck by the audaciousness of our extemporaneous , personality charged PM (MEIB):

To the complete surprise of everyone, including his security detail, Prime Minister Stephen Harper enjoyed an impromptu high-speed joyride in Tuktoyaktuk Thursday afternoon.

Following a day of announcements and photos opportunities Mr. Harper was to have boarded a C130-J Hercules for the trip to Whitehorse, Yukon, where further events awaited.

Instead, to the obvious surprise of the security detail, he got onto a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle and headed at high speed out onto the airport runway, with police cruisers and ATV’s belatedly — and futilely — in pursuit.

The rogue PM eventually returned to the aircraft where he was surrounded by reporters and photographers, one of whom wondered whether he had a licence to operate the vehicle — especially on restricted space such as an air strip?

“I think I make the rules,” the PM quipped

Look at the video. He put a helmet on. If you are going on an "impromtu...joyride" that takes everyone by "complete surprise", you don't stop and put on a helmet. And the cruisers and other ATVs didn't have time to react? Give me a break. They were told to give him a head start. At least he did do it at the NAC. (s/t: SD at

Like every other aspect of this man's live it is stage managed. It has to be because he is a hollow shell. This is why he is driven to pull apart a complex, energetic and soulful Canada that others have built through decades of hard work. He wants to make it as empty as he is himself.

But back to the reason for the title of the post. With the exception of Mr. Ibbitson's notable bit of hagiographic journalism, the ridicule he has attracted has been extensive and well deserved. I am hopeful the MSM continues to describe these junkets as the expensive photo-ops they are.
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