Monday, August 30, 2010

How Toronto saved Canada

Do you remember a book from a few years ago called"How the Irish saved civilization". Long story short; while the rest of Europe fell into an abyss following the collapse of the Roman Empire, monks in Ireland preserved the kernel of western civilization. This post is about how Toronto saved the rest of Canada from a Harper majority in 2008 and thereby Canada. She has since paid a heavy price what with the G20 and all but in the long run the gratitude from the ROC will be worth it.

A lot has been made lately about how the Liberals are reliant on the GTA since 32 of their 77 seats reside in the Big Smoke. This would be a bad thing if the Conservatives were still in the ascendancy and this redoubt was the last stand of the Liberal Party. But given the cumulative effects of Conservative ideology and incompetence on Harper's polling numbers combined with the strong performance of Iggy on the Liberal Express, we can look forward with hope to the next election.

When Canadians look back and realize how bad the Harperites really were and how close we came to losing Canada we can all thank Toronto for preserving the Liberal Party from extinction. That doesn't mean the rest of Canada will suddenly love T.O. or stop making fun of the Leafs. But She will deserve some recognition for saving us from seeing Harper get a majority on 2008. Maybe even from Calgarians other than yours truly.Recommend this Post

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Jymn Parrett said...

Stop making fun of the Leafs? C'mon! I love Toronto but that's just asking too much.