Friday, August 6, 2010

Canada's Democracy is too fragile for Harper

Harper compounds his legacy of an economic deficit by increasing the immensity of his democratic one.

Nothing speaks more to his anti-democratic tendencies than this statement (MEIB):

Canada's economic recovery cannot afford to be disrupted by an "unnecessary" election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said after announcing a minor cabinet shuffle.


Speaking to reporters outside Rideau Hall after the ceremony, the prime minister said the global economic recovery remains fragile and is the "No. 1 priority for Canadians."

"Time is needed to carry out our economic plan," Harper said. "Canada cannot allow a break in its economic recovery plan with an unnecessary election."

The comments come as a new Ekos poll suggests the Conservatives' lead over the Liberals among potential voters appears to have dried up, with both parties virtually tied at the same level of support.

I wasn't around during the Depression but I believe we had elections during that time.  I expect the economy was one of the top priorities then too.  It didn't get in the way of democracy.  We had them during both World Wars.  Leaders are not afraid to face the people during trying times.

Stephen Harper on the other hand.  Not a leader.

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1 comment:

The Rational Number said...

C'mon, PM Stephen Harper is a disciple of democracy. Like Judas.