Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Operation lipstick on a pig

Although several blogs and news outlets have commented on Operation Nanook as being little more than a taxpayer funded ad shoot for the expected Fall election campaign, I will leave it to those closest to the "action" to pass judgement.

The most expensive photo-op you’ll ever see

So let us take as given the actual motives for Harper's trip to the North. It was a multi-million dollar pre-writ photo op. What interests me is the effect the inevitable campaign ads of Harper the Hero will have on the public. Are we truly different than the Americans in that we are not impressed by jingoistic shows of military "might"? Is the sight of our supreme leader in flight garb going to register with our collective medullas and get people to vote for Super Steve? Or will the ridiculousness of the scene turn off key voters?

I would like to think it will be the latter. It will be interesting to find out.

Update - 10/4/2009: Title boo-boo fixed
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