Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm making a list. No need to check it twice

When it comes to enumerating the absolute failure that is the Harper government, it can be challenging to remember all of the ways in which they have let Canada down. It is a long list. But which disaster is the worst?

It could well be Listeriosis if a relative died from tainted meat. If you are waiting for nuclear medical treatments, Chalk River would probably rank at the top. Those of a fiscal bent might place the GST cut at the nadir of the "Tory Time of Terror". I can definitely understand the feelings of people who place the embarrassment of facilitating the use of the honorific "Honorable" by Jason Kenney in first place in the hall of shame.

For me it is simple. It is and will always be the prorogation of Parliament and blithe manner in which the Conservatives wantonly misrepresented our system of government to preserve their sorry hides. This group, that has demonstrated it's incompetence in so many ways, quickly went about undermining our democracy in the most complete and thorough way imaginable. It was almost as if they had a contingency plan for just such an eventuality.

The dangers these goons represent must be kept front and centre. The message must evolve to keep it fresh so it can reach as many people as possible. "Parallels" demonstrates just this very technique.
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