Friday, August 28, 2009

Senators, spendthrifts and strategy

Why appoint the Senators yesterday? It came out of the "blue". (Get it? Out of the blue?). Why on the last Wednesday of the month? Canpolitico connects the dots by blogging on the most recent fundraising letter. (s/t: Penlan for pointing his post out).

I have been blogging on the fundraising patterns of the Conservatives for a while and this adds corroboration. The pattern is all there. An issue to mobilize the zombies. A misleading and inflammatory missive timed to the event and payday. So in other words, the Senate appointments are at least as tied to fundraising as they are to Conservative policy goals.

The other thing of note is that in other letters I have read, the amount begged for was in the $20 range. This one calls for $100-$200. I haven't seen that before. Maybe the burn rate is starting to have an effect.
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