Thursday, August 20, 2009

Q: What do Iqaluit and the HMCS Toronto have in common with San Diego and the USS Lincoln?

A: They all served as back-drops for Hitlerite campaign photo-ops.

Just as the "Mission Accomplished" banner (paid for by the GOP) was expected to provide material for what was expected to be a Bush romp in 2004 based on an Iraq victory, the ridiculousness that was Operation Nanook was expected to provide footage of Harper The Hero (tm) for this fall's expected election.

The Rove ploy initially met with rave reviews but the mirage of Bush the hero was blown away by the winds of reality in the form of a steadily increasing casualty toll.

The dreams of Conservative campaign strategists were blown away by the winds of a superfluous and poorly placed u, some overdue attention to the realities of his arctic strategy, the fact that Canadians do not tend to be as impressed by militaristic posturing as Americans and the dorkishness of the material provided to the photographers. (Does anyone in the PMO really think they can build a personality cult based on this goober?)

In the end, the robotic manner in which the Harperites regurgitate the patterns of the Bush years never ceases to amaze me. They follow it by rote, never stopping to learn from the many mistakes of the unindicted war criminals to the south. They never seek to adapt it to Canada and Canadians. And they can always be counted on to mess it up.

And in that there is hope for Canada yet.
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