Friday, August 28, 2009

Some stains are harder to remove than others

The obvious harpocrisy of yesterday's Senate appointments has been well covered. There is one good addition. Jacque Demers has been a staunch proponent of literacy since he made public his illiteracy. This is a connection to the thread of quality public education that runs through Canadian history and this issue has been missing a strong advocate since Peter Gzwoski passed away. Whether or not this is a sincere appointment or an attempt to provide cover for the more odious ones is a cause for debate.

I was thinking last night that what distresses me most about the 27 Senate appointments isn't the hypocrisy. The prorogation crisis. The Trust reversal. These issues and more have demonstrated Harper's eagerness to abandon any sense of principle for his own advantage.

The big problem for Canada is that Harper has embedded his goons in the heart of our government. We can get rid of the evilness that is Harper in an election this Fall but the stench that follows him will linger for a long time. This quote highlights my point (MEIB):
"I just don't think people care, number one. And it's fair. We gave reform a go. We need Conservatives in the Senate who are loyal to the party, to the cause and to him (Harper.)"
It isn't being shrill to point out that one of the most dangerous aspects of Stephen Harper's deficient personality is a tendency to authoritarianism. We need appointments who are loyal to Canada not an elected official. Unless Harper is planning to turn Canada into a dictatorship. Enough with the personality cult nonsense.

Update: I got so incensed when I read the first part Impolitical's post that I wrote my post before I had finished hers and didn't realize that she had made the same point. A bit repetitive but oh well. It didn't cost you anything but time.
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MERBOY said...

Harper says his preference is that the provinces hold elections for senators... which would give us senators from all over the political spectrum depending on what the public mood is at the time they are elected.

Meanwhile... in explaining his current appointments he makes a comment about how important it is for senators to agree with the government that is in power when they're put into the senate.

Is it just me or do these two things completely contradict ?