Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And as for Michaelle Jean's role in P2

I was a fan of the G-G.  She brought the necessary flair to the ceremonial portion of the job.  And I liked the obvious sincerity in her support for the Inuit way of life by enthusiastically eating seal meat.

But why did she not show more backbone when the Coward-In Chief called her on the telephone to prorogue?  She is the representative of the Queen.  Should she not have, regardless of the eventual decision, instructed him to come and ask her in person.  What is the point of having an artifact of a by-gone age as Head of State if it won't protect it's prerogatives?  If QE2 was in the country and Harper wanted to hide in his Calgary bungalow till March he would have had to ask the Queen herself.  Do you think she would have let him get by with a phone call?  Bullies can only be stopped when those with the power to push back do so.  The G-G would have been well within her rights to stand-up against this modern form of Lèse majesté.

She has failed her responsibilities to her Monarch and the Canadian people.  Time for her to say "So long and thanks for all the seal".
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penlan said...

Her role as GG ends some time this year. And guess who gets to appoint a new one if he's still, most likely, in power? So progration could go on endlessy if Herr Harper wants it to.