Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The iron is hot

Living in Harper Heaven as I do, I normally pick my spots to verbalize my political views. It can be a frustrating experience running into the willful blindness of my friends and neighbours. That is what this blog is for.

This prorogue furor might be something different. If you are a Progressive who find you get short shrift from politically oblivious types, this might be the crack you need to convince people to pay attention to the many depredations of the Harper Hordes. Time to expose people to the light one at a time. Especially, if you live in a close riding. If you live in a Conservative stronghold, perhaps you can choke off the donations a bit. It all helps.

As an exemplary anecdote, my neighbour who collected our mail while we were away saw the envelope for my Liberal Party membership card and wrote "Junk mail?" on it. Witty, yes. But an invitation to ask her what she thinks of the prorogation. Is she still going to donate money and put a Harper sign up on her lawn?Recommend this Post

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