Sunday, January 10, 2010

The good doctor Mendes speaks. Enhance the vote.

Errol Mendes, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Ottawa sent a letter into The text is copied below.

Dear fellow citizens fighting for Canadian democracy,

With over 100,000 citizens registering your outrage at the prorogation as I did in the Toronto Star article, it is time to make your numbers felt at the ballot box. There are substantial numbers of Harper’s MPs who won by 2,000 to 5,000 votes in swing ridings. Your members here and on the facebook site should find out where those ridings are, stage major rallies outside the MPs offices and contact the local media to get the message out to citizens in those ridings, especially the thousands of youth who do not vote that they can have a profound impact at the ballot box. This is the time to save their country from one man totalitarian rule. Pass this message on to all those on the facebook page.

My article in the Toronto Star can be found at

Dr. Mendes is spot on. Following the last general election, I outlined the Conservative policy of vote suppression as their critical path to victory. The key to changing governments is to energize the electorate so that they are willing to put aside that episode of "So you think you can dance, Canada" to go to the polling station. This post of the series outlines this pattern.

Dr. Mendes outlines the way to expunge the Harper Horror from Canada. It won't take much of a swing to get rid of him. Keep the momentum going.

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