Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perhaps being an ex-pat Canadian makes you want to protect Home all the more strongly

A shout out tonight to the organizers of the CAPP rallies in London, U.K., NYC and Dallas. They are showing their True Patriot Love. King Stephen, The Hopeful expects to weather the storm and that Canadians will forget about this little dictatorship thingy in a couple of months. Having Americans see that there is something their "Good Grey Neighbour" is getting exercised about will keep this in the news. It can only help if this can get a mention on CNN etc. Same thing goes if it gets brought up on the Beeb. I will even settle for the protests being carried on Canadian networks.

I read an interview of Donald Sutherland in MacLean's years ago. Two responses stand out in my memory. One was in reply as to why he participated in Bethune. He said it was "because I have a maple leaf stuck up my ass" (Or so I remember the reply). I think (and I mean this as a very high compliment) the expatriate organizers must have one or two up there too.

P. S.: The other exchange (prompted by the observation of Sutherland's frequent use of lip balm) was: "Did he have chapped lips?" DS: "No, I have a habit. " That man doesn't need a Canadian passport. Just check his sense of humour.
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Anonymous said...

Living outside of your home country also helps a person realize what needs to change in their home contry and opens ones mind to a wider view. However a person cannont be closed minded when they enter a foreign country and complain about the country they are now living in...which happens a lot especially to Canadians. A person also has to live overseas for longer than a year...a lot longer in order to realize the good of both.