Monday, January 4, 2010

The other meaning behind the term: "Stephen Harper; The Underminer"

I have often pointed out how Stephen Harper has been undermining Canada's government. Perhaps he is also a bit like the minor villain in The Incredibles. A vindictive self aggrandizing molish creature with an awesome digging machine. As Lawrence Martin outlines in this Metro article (s/t: Impolitical. Oh. And thanks for the blog badge), the Coward in Chief may have been too clever by half with his prorogation sequel (MEIB).
We won’t know for sure until some polls come in, but there are indications the prorogue gambit is backfiring on him. The reaction has been demonstrably negative. Media comment boards have lit up in protest. The Globe and Mail went to the unusual extent of running a front page editorial. Conservative newspapers, normally in the prime minister’s stable, have condemned the move. The Facebook group, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, already has 15,000 signed up. ...

This prorogation story, which comes on top of his defying the will of Parliament by refusing to turn over documents on the Afghan detainees affair, is different from some of the other abuse-of-power stories. This one has legs. Every day the Parliament’s doors remain closed will serve as a reminder of what the supreme ruler did.

They say if you find you have dug your self into a hole, quit digging. But the boring machine Harper has unleashed is on auto-pilot until March. Let us hope that by that time he is in a pit so deep that nothing the CTV or the RCMP can do will help him next election.
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penlan said...

The poll everyone is referring to was taken BEFORE Harper prorogued but everyone talks about it as though it were done afterwards. Will be interesting to see what an "after" poll will show, now that the holidays are over. Also, that Facebook group has 26,000 signed up & is gaining about 1,000 an hr. since earlier this morning. It's a good sign!