Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How about if we frame it this way?

When discussing prorogation ask your colleagues, friends and neighbours: "Who would you rather see as Prime Minister?"

Someone who is only brave enough to freely express himself in gatherings of sycophants closed to th general public. Such as Stephen Harper.
Or a man who organizes open to all town hall meetings. Such as the ones Bionic Liberal has blogged about here.Recommend this Post

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FFIB NAMOL said...

Well done...

Presenting the two videos or in reality access to the two is brilliant. Even an unedited, unbiased version of Harper (without the subtitles) talking to a group of his followers would dramatically demonstrate the difference in the mettle of the two men.

First time that I have seem Ignatieff perform. I have had to rely on the made for media one liners that we are constantly fed and even with my well deserved cynicism of all things media driven, I was starting to doubt Ignatieff's capabilities.

However after seeing his performance at Dal I am truly impressed. The reformatory apologists will claim he is in his higher ed environment, but he could give that presentation in a room full of 60 years olds and they would get it.

We need more of these videos. Pass on to Bionic Liberal, they don't have comments.