Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Excellent comment on an excellent economics blog

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative (The second best Canadian themed blog name out there imho) has a post on the logistics of getting infrastructure stimulus underway: Canada is not the United States: Stimulus-by-infrastructure edition. The post is very interesting; as are most of the ones on this blog. As memory serves, his by-line used to read: "Who would have thought that a blog about economics could be so much fun?".

Even better is the comment by Robert McClelland summing up the efforts by The Mulligan Gang (My emphasis in bold):

The thing is, this looks too much like a "Hail Mary"

It's worse than that. It's an absolute farce. The Conservatives don't believe stimulus spending works so I can't fathom why they thought they could craft a budget filled with it. It's like watching an atheist try to give the Sunday sermon.

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