Thursday, January 22, 2009

A labradoodle would be an excellent gift for the Obamas

As the Globe reports, a Winnipeg is angling to have one of it's labradoodle puppies given to the Obamas:

"My sense is that there is now some policy wonk looking into the matter and checking to see if a live animal gift would be appropriate," Mr. McDonald said.

The society hatched the plan soon after rescuing 55 dogs in a December bust of a local puppy mill. Within days, one of the seized dogs, a black-and-white Labradoodle named Lily, gave birth to seven black and four blond pups.

At the same time, then-president-elect Obama was publicly elaborating on his election-night promise of a hypoallergenic dog for his two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

He recently told ABC TV that the family had narrowed their choice of a dog down to two: a mixed-breed Labradoodle, a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle, or a Portuguese water dog.

The Vigilances have a four year old labradoodle. We can happily report that Energetic has been a really cute and loving pet for the family,starting as a puppy
through to an adult that loves to run and swim
who, like the rest of the family, isn't afraid to dig through the muck to bring back a report on the nasty things out there.
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sassy said...

I agree, that breed would be what they are looking for in a dog, rescued, family friendly, allergies not an issue and very bright.

You must have some good dog stories, expecially of the times when your pup was growing up - great looking dog.

" the rest of the family, isn't afraid to dig through the muck to bring back a report on the nasty things out there." :)

Constant Vigilance said...

Hi Sassy.
Energetic has been a wonderful pet. She fits in very well with the rest of my obstreperous family. Whether this will work at the White House is something to consider.

A caveat about the hypo-allergenic reputation. We went for this breed rather than another Samoyed because Eternal had heard that they don't shed.

Given the way life works out, ours is a first generation (Golden Lab mother, white standard bred Poodle father). We found out after she had wrapped us around her paws that it isn't till the third generation that they are truly hypo-allergenic. She loses hair like a middle aged man. I understand this is a concern for the Obamas so I hope they have taken this into consideration.

Constant Vigilance said...

PS. Not the hair loss. THe hypo-allergenic requirement.

sassy said...

Hi CV,

I didn't know that 3rd generation Labradoodle thing. Interesting.

I remember that when I was a young thing, an elderly couple on our street had a Samoyed named Snow (I loved that guy). They saved his hair from each brushing, and had it made into wool which they made shawls and scarves with.

(ahhh memories)

Constant Vigilance said...

Their wool makes some of the warmest mitts you will ever find. And soft too.

Samoyeds are an amazing breed too. We've had two.

And then there are the stories I could tell about the Border Collies we've had over the years.

brebis noire said...

I don't believe too much in hypoallergenic anyways. It's all relative.
I have a bunch of animal allergies; and sometimes I think I'm allergic to air.
You have a lovely dog; those are great pictures.

(Though I still can't help thinking a greyhound would be best for the Obamas...)