Thursday, January 15, 2009

A personal observation on the blogging process

Prior to the blogrogation at the end of December I had developed a rhythm about this blogging process.

  • Get up in the morning, make an espresso and a latte for Eternal (I drink my latte's later in the morning and, yes, I do sip them).
  • Read the morning headlines and the articles that catch my interest,
  • Let any incipient posts gestate on my ride into work
  • Post after running through the draft version.
Now that I am back I still do the first step. I wouldn't dare to leave an uncaffeinated Eternal behind. But I am finding it harder to follow through on the subsequent three. Perhaps it is due to a need to catch up on work that makes quick breaks for blogging less available. Maybe it is a sense of ennui about all the budget speculation. But I don't think so.

I have come to the realization, in my case at least, that just the saying goes that writers write, it is also true that bloggers blog. As there is a difference between people who ski and skiers or people who go for a jog and runners, this endeavour requires consistent practice.

Or to be concise (not one of my fortes I must admit) it is important for my vigilance to be constant.Recommend this Post

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