Monday, January 26, 2009

Nice Senate picks there Steve

I think Senate Stacker Steve will extend his message control to the Senate after he reads this piece from

Wasn't Mike Duffy supposed to have been one of the pre-eminent journalists on the Hill. How does one host a national television show on federal politics and be this poorly informed about what Senators do?
Former broadcasters, and new senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin were also getting used to big changes.

First of all, being questioned by reporters instead of doing the interviewing is a change. Duffy, until recently the host of CTV's Mike Duffy Live, says what surprises him the most is the workload.

"I've been to a group of briefings and three days a week they work a minimum of twelve hours a day. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then on Monday and Friday you're flying back to your constituency. So all of a sudden I said hey this retirement home is a little more active than any of us realized."

Nancy Greene only took the job because she was getting bored with her last one. Excellent qualifications are displayed by comparing the Senate to a card game.
"Its going to be a big change for sure, it was not easy to give up skiing every day at Sun Peaks where we have such great conditions. But I've been doing that for the last fifteen years, in a way this is a new challenge for me and i find it really exciting. It was either this or take up bridge, "she laughs.
And how is this as a strong stand for Senate reform by Pamela Wallin:
As for Wallin, she says she would consider running for her position as senator if that opportunity came up. "I have spoken to the premier of Saskatchewan about that and they are studying legislation at this point so if that comes to pass and all of the stars are aligned I think that would be a good thing. I think we need reform of the organization."
Got yer definition of equivocating right there.Recommend this Post


Anonymous said...

When I hear the conservative minded utter the drivel Wallin did on the subject of elected senators - conservative style - i get my knickers knotted.
The sham that Klein set up would get a person shot in some countries. Stacked entirely in favor of Reform, a party style system in place guaranteeing tribes of idealogue parrots.
Elected Senate? Not on Conservative terms; ever. They turn democracy on its head doing everything possible to REMOVE democracy. Move to Alberta. You'll soon understand what crooked politician means.

Skinny Dipper said...

A Reform Senate if necessary but not necessarily a reformed Senate.

Skinny Dipper said...

Or was it the other way around?

Constant Vigilance said...

Anon - But I am a born and bred Albertan. I live face to face with the duplicity everyday.

SD - Very good play on the old saw. It took a couple of reads to catch the subtle change.

Beijing York said...

What a sham! Another attempt to undermine our public institutions from the inside.