Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will no one take a stand for the poor chairs?

A few years ago, the crew from the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) that saw Stephen Harper famously kick a chair in anger said that he gave it such a good, swift boot that it flew about five feet across the floor.

There were theories that the incident was provoked by Mr. MacKay's public attack on Harper's boy Scott Reid. As the story goes, Harper kicked the chair after it was suggested he add a line to his speech to reach out to Mr. MacKay at the founding convention of his Party. Didn't play well with others then, still doesn't now.

All this was witnessed by the CPAC crew, taking a break behind the stage.
Stetson tip: Pumpernickel

More evidence that Harprorogue is damaged goods after his cowardly abdication of his leadership responsibilities last month. I hope that the renovation estimate for 24 Sussex had a sizeable allocation for re-upholstery services.

Smart, ambitious bureaucrats don't leave to go to work for an Opposition Leader unless your government is starting to rot from the inside out. As a good westerner (*snerk* yeah, right. He's a westerner), I am sure Harper will recognize the danger of being remembered as a poplar Prime Minister as opposed to a popular Prime Minister.

And when your erstwhile allies in the media say things like this:
Jane Taber

Michael Ignatieff has won a symbolic victory over the Harper Tories by stealing a young, up-and-coming public servant right from under Stephen Harper's nose.

Kevin Chan is joining the Liberal Leader's office in early April to play a major policy role. He recently left his job as the executive assistant to Kevin Lynch who, as Clerk of the Privy Council, is the most powerful public servant in the country and a key adviser to the Prime Minister. In that role Mr. Chan would have had access to sensitive files and to Mr. Harper and his advisers in the Prime Minister's Office.

"I don't think there is any doubt that Ignatieff is demonstrating right from the start that he is more competent in arranging his affairs than Mr. Dion," said Tom Flanagan, a former close adviser and chief of staff to Mr. Harper, who now teaches political science at the University of Calgary.

He said Mr. Ignatieff's decision to "appoint all these people from Toronto" was a good move, in that he is surrounding himself with loyal soldiers.

Don Martin

Most Canadians have never heard of Kevin Chan. Chances are good they never will again.

But his departure from a lofty, albeit invisible, post inside the federal bureaucracy's headquarters for unspecified duties in Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's office could be more significant than merely a Conservative-governed public servant turning into a Liberal political prize.

More evidence in the erosion of the image of Harper's infallible leadership skills. Now you might ask yourself; Is there any evidence that the loss of pundit love will cost Harprorogue support?

There is a maxim that hold: Never ask a question you don't know the answer to. Why yes it has. One of Harprorogue's aces has been his unfounded and questionable reputation as an economist savant. So I hope they had another chair lined up for when he read this news from the Heartland:Harper not trusted to handle economy

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