Monday, November 2, 2009

In praise of Canadian Commentariat Critical Consistency

Canadians are fortunate for a long list of gifts. Some natural and some man made. One of these which does not receive it's due often enough is a punditry which scrutinizes the politics of the country with an unbiased eye.

For instance, in some states the people are fed an unending stream of editorials favourable to the government while the opposition figures are made to look fumbling and indecisive. Not so in the glorious Dominion of Canada where pundits have rightly criticized Ignatieff for not outlining his policies so they may be politely critiqued by the pundits and the other parties.

This is disgraceful. Look at the Conservatives. They have outlined a clear policy on a variety of issues and are following through. On issues such as Senate Reform, the gun registry, running a deficit or any number of other issues. No political games here.

So as you go through your day be thankful for our pundits. They are a big part of the glorious state of our political landscape today.
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