Friday, November 6, 2009

Mike Duffy, Harper's picador

In a very rare occasion, The Dean of The Harper Hagiographers lays out a slight and tangential criticism of Mr. Angry (MEIB):
Congratulations Senator Mike Duffy, you've finally done it.

With his wild rant on a CBC national politics show this week, the television icon has accomplished the difficult feat of offending all those in his parliamentary orbit -- his former journalistic occupation, the Conservative party, senators, MPs and even the prime minister who appointed him.

Anyone who thinks Harper was offended by this or any of Duffy's other antics is unaware of the reason for his appointment. Mike Duffy has done nothing but discredit the Senate. That is the whole point. As with the manufactured tiff with the Governor General, the aim is to wear away at the institutions of Canada. To lower them in the eyes of the public so that there is less resistance to the abolition of the state.

In this way, Duffy is like a picador, stabbing at the Senate, weakening it so that Harper the Matador (I wouldn't be surprised if he dresses up for the part in the privacy of 24 Sussex) can deliver the coup de grace.

Those who love Canada are offended by Duffy. I doubt this is the case with Harper.

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