Monday, November 16, 2009

Pierre Polievre is a drip

Not in the sense one might normally assume with this most aggressively asocial of the misanthropic portion of the Conservative caucus. For this:
On Friday, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre told reporters that "any decision to ask for Mr. Khadr’s return to Canada is a decision for the democratically elected government of Canada and not for the courts.”

Asked whether that meant the government would ignore the Supreme Court's decision if it rules against it, Poilievre repeated that Khadr's fate should be decided by an elected government and not the courts.

He is akin to the drop of water at the bottom of the smallest crack in a mountain. With every diurnal freeze-thaw cycle, the water drop will expand to fill every crevice and then thaw. The next night it freezes again and the crack grows a bit wider. It will keep doing this until the crack grows and the rock falls apart. By refusing to acknowledge the supremacy of the court (that is why they call it the Supreme Court after all), this Mouth Of Hauron has stated that Harper holds himself above the law of the land in a seemingly innocuous way. At first glance it comes across as a small matter. And coming from a twerp who is prone to bombast like Polievre it doesn't appear too serious. That is probably why it did not prompt much serious reaction. But he was sent on the task by the Dark Lord himself. There is no freelancing with this government.

This tactic is along the same lines as Harper's Picador and John "Catapult" Baird. Each of them has laid out the disrespect they have for any edifice that stands in their way. Even Harper joins in on this task by wearing away at the Governor General's office by undermining it's authority and usurping it's prerogatives.

There may come a point when it is time for a more senior member of the government to dispute the rule of law. Perhaps during a close election or some other issue critical to the government's survival. Then the fact they have laid the groundwork for ignoring the checks and balances of the government will bear fruit. Everyday and in every way imaginable and several that are not, the Conservatives and cracking apart the foundations of Canada.

H/T to the Canis latrans that has wandered to the side of the valley upwind of the smelter. Although I had a marvelous weekend away, I have been wanting to post on this since I read her post on Friday.

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Top Can Inc. said...

Why are you stating the obvious? Everybody knows he's a drip. Let him be a drip if he wants to be. Years down the road, that's how people will remember him.