Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your money, their private jets

Everyday our Conservative overlords take us further down the path to banana dominion-dom. One thing that First Worlders often tut-tut over is when Third World despots live high on the hog while the citizens suffer and the economy stagnates. How can they be allowed to do this without being held to account, we ask?

We live in a glass house. During the worst recession in 70years, Conservatives fly on private jets, enjoy the food and drink at unprecendented rates and seek to avoid accountability.
The Harper government says it is unable to provide the names of passengers who have flown on its fleet of Challenger executive jets since 2006 because it would take longer than a month-and-a-half to assemble the list.

DND did release figures that show that the average cost of feeding passengers has increased sharply since the Tories formed government. It cost taxpayers about $66 for every flying hour to provide food and non-alcoholic beverages to the VIPs aboard the jets in 2005-06, the last full fiscal year under a Liberal government.

But in 2008-09, the food and drink costs jumped to $110 per flying hour.

But, but the Liberals.

During past Liberal governments, DND routinely released the flight manifests with the names of the passengers and details about the origin and destination of each flight. It is unclear why DND was unable to provide similar information to McTeague.

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