Monday, November 2, 2009

Is Harper making H1N1 a Canadian political acronym for Katrina?

On august 29, 2005 while Hurricane Katrina hit the Ninth Ward, President Bush was focused on PR events such as a birthday cake for John McCain or getting a guitar presented to him. This was a watershed moment in the history of that sorry regime. As the devastation became evident the last vestige of credibility was torn away.

In another of the uncanny parallels between Bush and Mr. Angry, THE HARPER GOVERNMENT focused on using taxpayer money on an unprecedented partisan ad campaign at the expense of properly managing their part of the immunization program. Harper has been made to pay a remarkably low price for his incompetence on the economic, medical, Afghanistan and other files. But as W found out, turning points can come fast and furious.

Let us hope that this parallel has a far less devastating impact in the real world.

Update: Penlan has an example of the Conservatives not knowing when to stop digging.
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cobaltandjessie said...

I agree with you but here in Ontario the blame must be put squarely at the feet of the premier who would rather lose billions than ensure that Ontario follows the SARS report recomendations.

Big Winnie said...

The fault lies with the governemnt and GSK. THere is one point of contact (GSK) and one point of failure (GDK). The government failed to come up with a reasonable plan to have both vaccines available and to have a secondary supplier available. Moreover, the government instead of taking a leadership role in managing this NATIONAL crisis, has left it up to the provinces. When you have a government that takes no responsibility for it's lack of actions, you can guarantee that there will be trouble.

Anonymous said...

It IS interesting how the blame game is emerging as Canadians try to get their vaccination while a massive shortage becomes more obvious.

My suggestion is that the federal government bears ultimate responsibility because they promised that ALL Canadians that wanted the vaccine would get the vaccine. Unfortunately, even when a small percentage of the population decides that they want it, our government is unprepared.

Hell, even Alberta is experiencing shortfalls!

Lesson: don't vote for someone that doesn't believe in government and public policy. It's a sure-fire way to see society collapse.