Monday, November 2, 2009

A question and a statement

First a question for the "hive mind". Can anyone provide an estimate of the number of lives lost due to the Listeriosis, Nuclear Medicine and H1N1 fiascos?

Secondly a statement: If the Conservatives think they are going to dodge criticism about their handling of H1N1 by dodging questions in this fashion (MEIB):
Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq arrived for Question Period today, plugged herself in and repeatedly spoke the lines of the PMO-supplied H1N1 vaccine message track.

“Mr. Speaker, six million doses were produced ahead of schedule. As soon as they were available and authorized they were transferred to the provinces and territories for their roll-out. We will see thousands more this week and one million more next week.”Ministers are allowed 35 seconds to answer. Ms. Aglukkaq never went over her time limit. Her tempo and inflection never changed. ...

It didn’t matter, however, what was said or asked. Ms. Aglukkaq did not and would not veer from the script, a script that she has been using for days now. ...
And Prime Minister Stephen Harper would have been so proud, had he been there.

I have a feeling this sort of disrespect for the representatives of the majority of Canadians was possible when people weren't paying attention. Now that Canadians are connected to the issue, continuing this strategy will do them nothing but harm.
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