Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking at a future without the gun registry

Today's big issue is the gun registry vote. I support the registry despite it's flaws. It may, however, meet a sad fate. The politics of this issue has been well discussed by others. But if it is to be repealed, what are the implications?

Of the two that first come to mind, one is that the Conservatives lose a thumping tub. Irrational hatred of the gun registry is a strong bit of connective tissue for the Conservatives. Their love of wedge politics will result in a sacrifice of this issue for future fundraising and rabble rousing tactics. This is the best to be made of a bad deal.

The other is that at some point, a tragedy will occur which could have been prevented or mitigated by the registry. And the need for a registry will again become apparent. Steve V has a good post on the rationale for a free vote. I believe he has a point. Free votes are great but they carry personal responsibility. That future tragedy will be on the conscience of those who vote to repeal the registry to save their political skins. This does not apply to Conservatives. Their sins are beyond expiation.Recommend this Post


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking we just opened up an easier option for gangs to get guns. They sure as shooting don't seem to be deterred by any kind of sentence increases at all, ever, so watch for the marked increase of the drive-by shooting killing more kids as they play indoors.

CfSR said...

Anybody who thinks that the Tories won't won't campaign as the party that repealed the gun registry is shockingly naive.

Opposition MPs are giving the Tories a win.

The Tories know that. their behaviour on gun registry questions in the House of Commons shows that they know it.

Constant Vigilance said...

I think they will campaign on it. But how did campaigning slaying the deficit work for the Liberals in the last two elections?

Anonymous said...

Why do people think that a registered gun can't be used to commit a crime?

It isn't even "less likely". The registry was created largely in response to the Montreal Massacre but there is no evidence to suggest that it wouldn't have happened if the gun was registered.

I support a registry but this one was doomed to failure because it was just too complicated to succeed.