Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alberta has a bad case of unrequited love

It is an all too common form of a psychologically abusive relationship. The faithful wife has supported her chosen mate through thick and thin. She has given him all she has to give. Even through the harshest criticism of his failures which hurt the family, she stood by her man. She hopes to eventually be rewarded with beautiful jewels. But they never come.

But it never comes to pass. Instead she finds out through local gossips that her man has been showering affection and money on the beautiful women with the exotic accent four houses to the east. This beauty has thus far resisted his flirtations. He is too coarse and uncouth for her refined tastes. But he is stilling willing to try.

Meanwhile she sits at home and waits for him to notice her. Perhaps if she had an affair of her own. That sure would smarten him up.

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