Friday, September 3, 2010

Harper has competition for title of "Strategic Genius"

And it is being provided by Krafty Kory. Imagine what was running through his mind as he sits in front of his internet machine to pound out today's editorial.* (you don't really have to hit the link. It's not that good. The informative stuff follows). He must find a way to inoculate Fox News North from the Avaaz internet petition against his nascent network.

How does he attempt to do this? The way any true conservative would of course. Invalidate this expression of the popular will (Over 62,000 signatories as I type this. Don't be afraid to add yours) by adding several fake names. Throw in the names of some public figures who really should be impartial (Kady O' Malley and Chris Hall of the CBC to name two) and the whole thing can be brushed off.

Done and done. Now he can get back to the really important things like finding synonyms for words like lock. And load.

But a funny thing happened on the way to media domination. He got found out. Those journalists smart enough that they don't have to stoop to working for QMI cottoned on to the scam. And that is just the stuff that hasn't been covered on Twitter.

So then the poor sap has go on Twitter and act surprised that his name was "suddenly" added too. No one buys it. On top of this, Avaaz is pissed off and trying to get to the bottom of it all. But that isn't the worst. He is put on Power & Politics with Ricken Patel of Avaaz and gets shredded.

Genius at it's best.

*Now you might argue that it hasn't been proven that Kory is behind this all. That is true and this entire post might be baseless conjecture. But no more so than a Sun editorial, it it?
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Anonymous said...

Saw it on TV and Avaaz, if you listened. or tried to, was correct. They already have an IP address, with which to work..The Government doth protest too much