Thursday, September 30, 2010

Has the PMO released the Flying Monkeys?

First it was Harper friendly MacLean's with the Quebec = corrupt messaging. Simple sound bite regardless of the facts.

Today, the Bad Cop of the PMO Pravdas has this headline: "Is Quebec the most DEFENSIVE Province in Canada? (Notice the bright red All caps "defensive"?)

Is this another example of hard hitting balanced investigated journalism? O.K. now. Stop laughing. I am just trying to be fair. Let us explore other reasons for this spate of "news" with a derisive focus on Quebec. Maybe it has to do with the recent polling of the Conservatives in Quebec. Maybe it has to do with the "Separatist Coalition" meme.

It is quite possible that The Greatest Strategic Genius Evah (TM) has determined that the Cons are going to get wiped out in Quebec. The dreams of a majority are over. Now it is time to solidify the base by riling up the French haters in the base. And so the Dictaphone tapes go out to the stenographers.

So what if it drives a wedge between Quebec and the ROC? All that matters is preserving Steve's power base. In the final analysis, I agree with the conclusions of the posts in TGB this morning.
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