Sunday, September 19, 2010

Remember this weekend next time you hear "Left wing" main stream media

Notwithstanding a very public abasement on Friday Ezra Levant has if anything been more visible in the mainstream media. Yesterday he was polluting CBC Radio 1. Today an interview on the CTV and another column in the Sun.*

This schmuck was just exposed as a fraud and a mendacious hack. A media worth following would have cancelled anything to do with this fool. I have a newsflash for the news media. People are tuning out because they recognize you bring little to the conversation.

*(You don't have to read his dross. I only linked to document this embarrassment).
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1 comment:

penlan said...

Agree with you. Any media platform that has Levant on it is debased in my opinion & this would include the CBC if they have him on again. The same goes for Teneycke. Also, he's touting a new book & this may be the reason t.v/radio are doing segments with him. I change the channel when he's on. He has nothing to say that has any value whatsoever.